Monday, August 27, 2007

Mommy-Baby Games

I know this isn't the best cropped picture, but the camera was back behind my shoulder as I tried to get far enough away to take a picture of Caleb sitting on my lap. Maybe it wasn't worth it and I should have just tried for a normal picture. Actually, all the close ups that I took make him look funny since we were way too close to each other.

Brandon complains that I always win when we play the Wii. It's because my reflexes are so super quick. Caleb, being the good baby that he is, likes to help me sharpen those reflexes so that I always beat Daddy at the Wii. Today we played a game where Caleb was half sitting half standing in my lap. He would balance there for a really long time and then suddenly lunge forward (or sideways usually) and try to catch me off my guard. I'd grab hold of him and give him kisses, then put him back in starting position. I think he had a lot of fun playing. That's what the above picture is about. I didn't want to cut out his little hand that's trying so hard to balance, so instead you get an off-centered photo.

Another fun game that Caleb and I played today had to do with eating rice cereal. Caleb's turned into a champion eater. He gobbles that stuff down so quickly as if I might change my mind and stop feeding it to him and he has to hurry and eat it all before I take it away. Well, today he decided that it'd be more fun if he fed himself (since I'm obviously too slow at it). I don't keep the food anywhere near him, so all he could manage to do was steal the spoon away from me. He has such a strong grasp that I didn't want to hurt him by forcing it away, or worse, make him cry, so I just let him have the spoon and went and fetched me a new one. We took turns feeding him, although only my spoon had food on it, but his was apparently still fun to eat in between bites. Then, the really fun part of the game occurred -- Caleb whacked himself in the face with his spoon. Funny to me, not so much to him. He started to cry, which actually only made it funnier to me. After that, he didn't get to have his own spoon anymore. And when he tried to take mine again, I warned him, "You remember what happened last time you did that" and he quickly let go. (Okay, the letting go might have been mere coincidence.)

We're having a killer rain storm tonight (I tried to take a picture of it for your viewing pleasure -- see below). It seems to rain all the time here in Houston. Tonight it's kind of nice because it made it dark early and since Caleb took his three naps early in the day and refused to go down for a fourth one, he was all the more willing to go to bed early tonight. Which, for some reason, makes his mommy in an extra good mood, despite all the fun we had together today.