Friday, August 31, 2007

Chomp chomp

I've been dying to update our blog for days now, but the many wireless internets in our complex that we've attempted to "borrow" have all decided to gang up on us and shut us our of their lives completely. It's okay, the feeling's mutual. But sadly, no internet till now.

This is a video of how funny I think my baby is. He just loves to eat. Absolutely loves it. He wants to eat everything in sight -- especially if we're eating it. Unfortunately, for him, he's still too little to eat anything besides breastmilk and rice cereal. But he makes the cutest little chomping face whenever he wants to eat -- usually when we're eating, but also when it's time for him to have his cereal.

Brandon and I have been trying to think up a new nickname for our baby because of this cute new thing he does. Not that Caleb needs a new nickname. He has a bajillion of them already -- Caley Bale, Gangsta C, Little Turtle, Baby Blue, and a bunch more that I can't think of at this very moment. Not to mention all the times I call him baby, sweetheart, sweet pea, honey, love, etc.

But for the new mouth action, we're debating still. The contenders currently are Chomp Chomp, Sir Chompsalot, The Chomp Meister, Gummers, and Gumbo. There might have been more, but I can't think of those either. It's been a really long day,