Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Going Public

Up till now, our blog has been private, by invitation only, requiring readers to log in before they could view our blog. This has been because we're super paranoid people and fear kidnappers and identity theft.

However, I absolutely love reading other people's blogs. Often, when the baby is napping, I'll surf the internet, reading blogs of people I barely know or sometimes don't know at all. (I read the blogs of people I know too, they just don't always have new posts, causing me to link to their friends' and families' blogs instead.)

I get such joy out of seeing pictures of old acquaintances and their new families, that I feel that I have been selfish in hiding our blog. I mean, what if everyone hid their blog? Then whose would I read? So, as a thank you to all those people (who will probably never read this), I've decided to make our blog public as well.

So, if you're a kidnapper -- I know our baby is super cute, but we'd really like to keep him. If you could please kidnap someone else's baby instead, we'd greatly appreciate that. (Although, if you are a kidnapper, I strongly recommend giving up the practice completely. I don't think it's gonna help you get into heaven. Or stay out of prison here either.)


Patti said...

Kake, you are too funny. Love the new pictures of Caleb, and I realize that if you don't get home really soon, he's going to know way too many tricks that I'll have missed out on seeing him learn, so GET HERE ALREADY!
love you, Mama

Jill said...

I'm so glad to see your blog!! Thanks for making it public :) I tried to view it when Shannon added it to her list, but couldn't get on... I tried tonight just to see if it was the same and I'm so glad I did! Caleb is adorable! I'm looking forward to watching him grow and reading your stories.
As you admitted in your post, I'm sure you've seen our blog, please visit whenever you like!

Fox Family said...

Karen! I know many who will thank you for making it public! Also, nice tip to the potential kidnappers! YOu make me smile! We love you, Brandon and Caleb!