Wednesday, August 15, 2007

We interrupt this broadcast...

Tomorrow the cable guy is coming to turn our cable and internet off. We're leaving Texas in two and a half weeks (and I'm so excited to go back to Utah to our cute little home there). When we signed up for cable, we did a three month special rate which ends today, so why pay full price for only two extra weeks?

But that means it'll be much more challenging to post blogs for a while. Either I'll have to get super proactive and go somewhere that has free wireless internet, or just settle for blogging from my cell phone. Either way, I thought I ought to make one last effort to update on our lives before resorting to those options.

The only thing is, there's not much going on here. Caleb has no new tricks. In fact, he was rather cranky today, refusing to take a nap for me after having taken two for Brandon earlier today. We were in such a fight today that I finally had to take him for a really long (and sweaty) walk since it was the only way that he would stop crying (or else I would have had to feed him pretty much non-stop since that was the only other thing that would work).

I tried the rice cereal again today. One of these days he'll eat it really good and I can stop talking about it. I had breastfed him only an hour earlier, so he did a little better eating today. At least for a little bit. Then he was done. It's a fun game -- feeding a baby. I give him a spoonful of food, then he spits it back out, then I scoop it off his chin and stick it back in his mouth only for him to spit it back out and I keep giving him the same bite until he finally swallows it. Then we start all over again with the next bite. Good times.

As far as his other trick in progress, rolling over is still a hit and miss thing. He lays on his side a lot. He can spin in a circle 360 degrees and then some. And every now and again, he'll roll all the way over. But he's not that interested in making it a regular habit yet. He just doesn't like being on his stomach. I guess I'm so eager for him to roll over because I feel like he has to learn to roll over before he'll learn to sit on his own and I'm anxious for him to be able to sit -- it'll make his pictures so much cuter. And really, that's what I'm in it for, the cute pictures.


Patti said...

Too funny today, Kake. Such a cute upside-down picture of Caleb-boy. I'm so sad about your internet getting the axe, but it means you're starting to pack up and get out of TX just in time before the hurricanes get you! Hightail it home girl! Love Mama

Mr Jo Bloggity said...

You could use Twitter for the next two weeks.