Monday, August 13, 2007

Houdini in Training

Today, when I was changing Caleb's diaper, he discovered that his foot can reach his mouth! He was quite excited about it. I was too, actually, and ran to get the camera. I know it's a normal thing for baby's to learn to do, but it still amazes me that they are that flexible enough to be able to do such a thing. I can't do it.

As far as putting things in his mouth that are supposed to be there, such as rice cereal, still no luck. I tried again tonight (now the fourth attempt), and he started crying once again. He did pretty good swallowing what I gave him, so I think the problem lies in the fact that he thinks it tastes awful. I haven't tried it myself, it smells gross enough that I can imagine the taste isn't much better.

To get back at me for giving him something so disgusting, Caleb grabbed my hair and quickly shoved it in his mouth. Yeah, that was gross. Rice cereal in the hair. Then when I went to wipe his mouth off with his burp cloth, he grabbed that and likewise shoved it in his mouth making it impossible for me to keep feeding him. I think he did it on purpose. He started to lower the burp cloth, but the second I said the word cereal, it went right back in his mouth. He's just too cute to get mad at.

I guess when he's a teenager and eating us out of house and home, I'll look back on these days and say remember when...


Barbour said...

So Teak did the same thing and my doctor said to add carrots. This was a hit and the only way he would eat cereal for awhile. I guess I ate to good for him so he only likes the best. I had to give carrots a few spoon fulls and snick in the cereal. I still ahve to do a lot of trickery.

Patti said...

I don't blame Caleb for not wanting to eat the stuff. It looks gross, I'm SURE it tastes gross too!