Saturday, August 4, 2007

Lizard or Turtle?

As I've said before, when Caleb was first born, he totally reminded me of a turtle all the time. Brandon thinks it was the turtle from Over the Hedge, but I don't remember what that turtle looks like.

Anyway, Caleb does this tongue thing now (which is why I got out the video camera in the first place -- see post below) which makes me think he's more of a lizard. But maybe lizard is the wrong word -- I'm not really up to date on my amphibians and reptiles. Still, some sort of creature that sticks his tongue out.

This video was captured on my cell phone. Look how cute that little tongue is.

I tried to find a really good turtle picture, but I don't think we ever managed to capture the turtle essence completely. Anyway, this picture was from when Caleb was like a week or so old. It has so many of the features I love from when he was that little. First, there's the wrinkly turtle forehead. Then, the "oo" face that he used to make all the time when he was little. And, perhaps one of my favorites, his Gangsta C hands.


Patti said...

I've seen some turtles that do stuff with their tongues like what Caleb is doing on the phone clip. I still vote for turtle over lizard. Besides, lizards are creepy and turtles just creep (along). Cutest basketball picture!!! I finally got to catch up on all the blogs you've posted since last Thursday since I've been online! xox, Mama