Thursday, August 23, 2007

5 Months

Caleb turned five months old on Tuesday. Our computer was in the shop getting fixed, so I haven't had a chance to update until now.

Five months old has been going really great for us so far. Yesterday, Caleb ate his rice cereal for dinner and just gobbled it down. He finished his normal amount and still wanted more. So I whipped him up a second helping (it's real hard to do, you know) and he gobbled that down too. Then to make sure I knew he was finished, he fussed a little when there was only two bites left, as per usual.

I absolutely love feeding him. I think it's so hilariously funny to give him a bite of food and watch his facial expressions. This morning we fed him some cereal for breakfast/lunch so Brandon could see how funny our kid is. He attacks the spoon with a vengeance, then realizes it's rice cereal and makes the funniest faces. But then he's super eager for the next bite, until he realizes it, too, is rice cereal. He still eats it though. Although sometimes he spits it back out and I have to feed him the same bite several times. That and he likes to blow bubbles when his mouth is full of food. Brandon thinks it's disgusting, but I find it hilarious.

Then, after last night's double dosage of food, I gave Caleb a bath and he actually enjoyed it. Not just suffered through it while I hurried to finish, but actually enjoyed it. I even let him sit there for a little bit after I was finished since he was in such a good mood.

And of course, he's excellent at going to bed. We've even managed to figure out the nap thing with him. Oh, and today, he rolled over three times from his stomach to his back -- while laying on the hard hard floor.

So, I have to say, I really like having a five month old baby.

Knock on wood.

So far, the only downside to Caleb's new age, is that I haven't been able to get any good smiley pictures of him. He still smiles for me, but not when there's a camera around. He also gives me great laughs and is starting to enjoy more games, which is fun for both of us. Sometimes though, instead of laughing, he makes this purring kind of noise. It's not as fun as the baby laughs, but still cute.

He's also so fascinated with the world around him. He loves going for walks to the mailbox. Tonight we went to the mall to pick up the computer and he was just so content in his stroller, looking around at all the people and things. Sometimes he gets bored being in our apartment, looking at all the same stuff, playing with the same toys. But if I take him to another apartment in the complex, he loves it. Even though all the APX apartments are furnished with the exact same couches and pillows and what not, he loves looking around at other people's apartments. It's way better than being at our place.