Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Got milk?

I thought this picture was so funny. What an accurate portrayal of how much my kid loves to eat. You can even see the milk on his cheek, but he's still searching for more. (In case you can't tell, he's laying in my lap and that's my shirt in his hand.)

Seriously, Caleb eats ALL THE TIME. I mean it. All the time. Sometimes it feels like I'm feeding him for four hours straight. We have a rule that he's only allowed to eat every two hours. But that's two hours from when I last started feeding him. So if he takes an hour and a half to eat, the two hour mark comes pretty fast. And then when I finally let him eat again, he attacks me like it's been days since he last ate. You'd think I hardly ever fed him, based on how eager he is to always eat.

There are a few times that he can last past the two hour mark. Usually when we're out and about and so I don't cave to feeding him as soon. Plus, he likes to look at all the fun things around us and is sometimes distracted by the fact that he hasn't eaten in the last ten minutes.

We're definitely going to have to start him on solid foods soon. He's just that hungry. Plus he stares intently whenever Brandon and I are eating. He's especially fascinated when we brush our teeth. I've just been lazy about starting the rice cereal. Brandon's only home for bedtime on Sundays, which would leave me to feed the baby on my own every other night of the week, and that just seems too exhausting. But then again, so it breastfeeding him constantly. (And no, he won't take formula.)

I just hope we don't end up with a football player on our hands. Hopefully he'll stay tall enough that all this eating will only help him grow vertically, rather than horizontally.