Monday, October 1, 2007

Hawaii -- Helicopter Trip Two

We went for a second helicopter ride while in Hawaii (hoping the baby would take to it better if we split it in half rather than take one really long ride). We had to drive over to the Hilo side of the island. This tour flew us over the waterfalls there, the current volcanic activity, and finally the coastline where the lava has created some dramatic cliffs and black sand beaches.

I enjoyed this helicopter ride so much better than the first because I got to sit in the front this time. What a difference it made! The first helicopter ride I was in the back row (there's only two rows) on the side and felt sick to my stomach pretty much the whole time. This time, I was the only one who remembered to bring a camera so we rearranged the seating assignments so that I could be in the front. It's definitely the only way to ride in a helicopter!

After the helicopter ride, we drove around Hilo. We went and saw the Boiling Pots, which is a series of waterfalls that are supposed to look like pots that are boiling as the waterfall flows deep into the next little pot and bubbles back up. But there wasn't enough water flowing to really get the effect. We also went and saw Rainbow Falls, which is what the photo below is of.

The last thing we did in Hilo was visit Volcanoes National Park. We drove around one of the craters on Hawaii's active volcano. There was a lot of sulfur rising into the air. Some spots had turned yellow from all the sulfur deposits. It was interesting to see the different colors of rock from the various lava flows throughout the years.

Here we are inside a lava tube. Yep. The lava flows at different rates, sometimes creating tubes (when the inside flows faster than the surrounding "tube"). This one was big enough that we could walk through it. So this isn't really the best picture of Caleb. But it's good for you to know that he's not perfect.

(Thought I'd experiment today with posting larger pictures. Usually I always choose the medium-size option. What do you think -- large or medium?)


Patti said...

When Bud and I went to the Boiling Pots there was more water, so it did look pretty cool. Also, I was wondering if you hiked up to the upper part of Rainbow Falls so you could see why it's called that. I almost missed that, but at the last second, found the rainbow. I'm sure you went to the same Lava tube that we went to. It was just long enough that I started to freak out (that claustrophobia problem I have) but then I could see we were very near the end, so I was okay again. There's some cool stuff over there, but it's pretty much a one time see it all kind of an island. Let's go back to Maui!!!

Patti said...

PS, I like the bigger pictures, but you can mix them up along the page bigger and medium, depending on the picture.

Fox Family said...

When it comes to pictures, bigger is better! Lucky you...going to Hawaii!!