Tuesday, October 16, 2007


We've officially begun remodeling our kitchen. Brandon's been wanting to do this for a really long time. My mom gave us their old stove from their house in St. George. She brought it to us on Sunday. So yesterday we went to Lowe's and bought new cabinets and new counters. We still need to pick out new tile for the floor since we didn't like anything they had at Lowe's.

Today is the demolition day. Brandon is banging away in the kitchen. Half the time it scares the baby, the other half the time he is so fascinated. The difference is whether he can see what's going on or not. If he's in the living room with me, the loud noises scare him. If we put him in his exersaucer to watch Brandon from the dining room, he thinks it is the most exciting thing ever.

I asked Brandon how long it'd take for him to remodel the whole thing. He figured seven days (and pretty much not doing anything else for those seven days). We'll see how that turns out. I want to have a Halloween party here, so that gives him all of two weeks to get it done. Our neighbor came over earlier to see what Brandon's working on (since our old stove is sitting in the front yard currently) and said it took him a month to remodel his kitchen. Keep your fingers crossed it'll be done in time.


Patti said...

You'll be so happy when it's all done! In the meantime, I guess you'll be eating out a lot! Plan on lunch and/or dinner with us on Friday while you're here, depending on how long you want to stay (does that mean Brandon isn't coming?).

Nora's world said...

You do remember that the oven isn't big enough to fit a turkey roasting pan.

Karen & Co. said...

I remember. But I don't roast turkey, so I figured it'd be okay.

And if worst comes to it, I hear Marie Calendar's sells a whole Thanksgiving dinner already made. That sounds about my style.

Brandon said...

We have a larger oven downstairs if visiting cooks are desperate for turkey.