Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I was reading John's blog the other day about his trip to Washington DC and it made me miss living there. I don't know why, considering I didn't really like living there when I did live there.

But there were some things that I did like and that I definitely miss. One of the things I miss the most is all the good places that there are to eat in the DC area.

When I lived there, we lived near the Shirlington area in Arlington, VA. There was this Thai restaurant over there that made me fall in love with Thai food. The helpings were huge and the food was delicious.

So, feeling nostalgic after reading John's blog, Brandon and I went out to dinner tonight (since we have no kitchen) and I suggested Thai food. We went to this little place near our house here in Provo. It might have been Brandon's first Thai experience. And it was less than mediocre. Barely tasty. And not that much food. I was sorely disappointed.

Next time we try something ethnic, I think I'll take Brandon out for Indian, since he's never had that either and I know Provo has a least one good Indian place.


kristymccray said...

i didn't like living in DC that much either (obviously), yet i miss it incredibly at times. sigh. how contradictorily (is that a word?) our minds and hearts work sometimes...

Patti said...

I'll bet Laura can give you some ideas on ethnic food in the Provo area. Seems she and Nick found a couple of good places while they were there.

Mr Jo Bloggity said...

There used to be a decent Korean place on University and Center.

Too bad Brandon's first Thai experience was a let down. Asian food can be spectacular when done right.