Tuesday, October 9, 2007

And we're back!

Yesterday the guys from Provo City came and hooked up the fiber optic cable to our house (which made our neighbors really angry and many words were shared between them and the Provo guys outside my bedroom window while I tried to get a few more z's before Caleb woke up). Then today the internet people came and I don't know exactly what they did but we have internet now. We're trying to do wireless and it's still not as fast as I think fiber optic should be, but at least we're up and running again.

Since we've been "gone," Caleb has learned how to roll from his back to his stomach (and for those new to reading our blog, he mastered the stomach to back thing a while ago). So now he no longer stays where we put him. He doesn't crawl yet, so he can't get too far. Sometimes it's really funny to see where he ends up when you leave him for a while. The other day, he managed to roll all the way under our coffee table. Only his head was peeking out. It was hilarious. By the time I got the camera out (or rather, had Brandon fetch me the camera), Caleb decided to begin the rolling process back out into the open. But it's still cute.

Another fun new development in Caleb's life is that he is now ticklish. Yes, he's been ticklish for a while but only if you used your nose or mouth to tickle him. Now, he's ticklish from fingers. It was an exciting landmark for Brandon, who loves to tickle our son. I think Caleb likes it so far, although it doesn't always work. He's also ticklish on his feet, but that one doesn't make him laugh. Just jerk his feet away.

Hmmm. Can't think of any other new developments off the top of my head. There was something just last night that I was going to write about, but I don't remember now. Oh well. At least we have the internet now and I can post whenever I get the fancy (as long as my baby cooperates).