Friday, October 26, 2007

Cornbellies -- Days Ago

A long, long time ago (Tuesday actually), we took Caleb to his first corn maze/pumpkin patch festival place up at Thanksgiving Point. It was so freezing cold. He hated it. I had brought his biggest and warmest coat for him to wear, but then we ended up wrapping him in his blanket too. He was still freezing. Eventually, Brandon zipped him up inside his jacket. It was really cute to see Caleb all bundled up against his daddy's chest. He fell asleep like that for a while because he was just too overwhelmed with the cold.

Before that though, we went on this fun cow ride together. It wasn't actually fun. It was so super bumpy and uncomfortable. What I didn't realize when I got in the little cow bucket was that there were two different sizes and the one I climbed into was meant for little kids, not adults.

Once the baby was asleep, the adults were able to have a little more fun. We went through the corn maze, as well as a couple other little mazes with special rules. There was a hay ride that was way cool because they had all these jack o'lanterns lit up that were intensely amazing.

Mirra, who's two, had a lot more fun than Caleb did, which makes me look forward to the days when Caleb is a little bigger and able to play more.


Nora's world said...

(Caleb, Karen, Brandon)
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kristymccray said...

thanks for the photo of YOU and caleb. :)