Friday, October 12, 2007

Eating Like a Big Boy

We went out to dinner at Red Robin. It's one of my favorite places to eat because I love their french fries. When I was pregnant, it was probably the one thing I craved the most often. (Other random cravings I had for a good stretch of time were cake doughnuts and potato soup -- both of which were extremely hard to find in Provo.) It seemed only fitting that after all those potatoes the baby wanted while in the belly, that it should be his first real food.

He's had bits of real food. We've fed him rice cereal and baby food from the jars. He's also had a couple grains of actual rice (cooked of course) and tiny little bits of bread from my pizza crust the other night. But this time, he got his own piece of potato and just chowed down on it. He was so cute to watch. He absolutely loved it too.

We were going over to some friends' house after, but needed to get a few things from home first. While I ran into the house, Brandon checked Caleb for the remains of his potato but couldn't find anything. He was a little worried that the baby had actually eaten the whole thing. But then we when we got to Springville and took the baby out of the car, I found the rest of his potato on the floor. He did eat a great deal of it though.

Since he's our first baby, little things like this excite us.

I love the look Caleb's giving Brandon in this photo.


Laura said...

There is a great donut shop in Pleasant Grove/Lindon area. It's called Daylight Donuts (I think). They're pretty much your only real option for cake donuts in Utah Valley. It's on State street on the right hand side, if you're heading north. I think it's just before a Taco Bell. I ate them every time I had a midwife appointment.

Patti said...

Caleb says, "Don't even think about trying to eat MY french fry, Dad!"

Fox Family said...

Karen! When I was pregnant with Levi, I craved Red Robin french fries too!!! I knew I loved you!!