Saturday, October 20, 2007


I finally graduated! After all this time, I mean, really! Actually, if you read the diploma, it says that I graduated May 2006, which was technically a while ago. But I just got the diploma in the mail today, so it finally feels official.

I know. A year and a half later. I thought the reason I never got it was because I was supposed to do exit counseling for my student loans, which I didn't get around to for over a year.

After I finally did that this summer, and still didn't get anything from them, I started to wonder if I hadn't actually graduated. Maybe I'd failed a class without realizing it. Maybe the people I interned for never sent in the paperwork they were supposed to fill out saying that I had indeed interned there the required number of hours. Maybe all this time that I'd been telling people I had a masters degree, I didn't really have one.

But apparently that wasn't the problem at all. They mailed me the diploma right after graduation last year, but the address they sent it to was our Anaheim address and by then we were already living in Colorado. And as I've learned from this summer in Texas, even if you put in a forwarding address at the post office, you don't get much of your mail forwarded to you.

So, I finally got around to calling up Chapman and just a few short days later, I'm officially a graduate. Got the paper to prove it and everything.


Patti said...

Hooray! We should celebrate or something! I know, pizza at Cheryl's house tonight- we'll have everyone come!!

kristymccray said...

congrats! i know after working in the registrar's office at usc how often people don't get their diplomas, and aren't sure if they ever really graduated. so i'm glad to hear you really did (and in may 2006--that there wasn't actually paperwork holding up your diploma and delaying your graduation term). :)

Fox Family said...

Congratulations to you Karen!!! That is awesome!! The paper really does make it more official!

Mr Jo Bloggity said...

That's great news Karen.

So, I have this idea for a movie...