Saturday, October 27, 2007

Shy Smile

When Nathan and his family were here, Caleb started to do his shy smile more. It's a super cute smile and he tucks his head into my body while he does it. Today, however, my mom came down and he was doing it for her when nobody was even holding him. So instead of tucking his head into my body, he was simply tilting his head to the side. He then proceeded to do it for almost everyone that looked at him the rest of the day today.

He doesn't do it for us, though, which makes me feel like he knows we're his parents. Or at least he's used to seeing us all the time. We do get other cute smiles. I think the shy one is precious when I'm holding him, since he cuddles more. But when nobody is holding's just silly.

My mom was the one trying to get him to smile for today's photo shoot. So I ended up with several pictures of the crooked head tilt. I wonder what he'd be like if I took him to get professional photos.


Mama said...

And do you see the giraffe in his hand? He held on to that for HOURS the whole time we were shopping! Except for the one time he dropped it and then we had to go on a scavenger hunt to find it (Kohl's, under the rack of baby sweats). He loves the giraffe because it fits his hand so well and is easy to pop in and out of his mouth.