Friday, October 19, 2007

Pumpkin Carving

Caleb thought he was the scariest jack o' lantern of all. Mostly, he just wanted to compete with his Mommy and Daddy who were busy carving pumpkins of their own.

Caleb thought carving pumpkins was really fun. It meant that Mommy and Daddy sat on the floor with him while he played with his toys. (But first, he had to pose for a picture of course.)

He really wanted to help Daddy though.

Brandon had to be careful not to cut the little fingers as he finished up his pumpkin.

Brandon, Caleb, and Brandon's finished pumpkin. It turned out really good.

Caleb thought the pumpkins were more fun when he finally got to beat on them.

The finished masterpieces: Jacob's, Cristal's, Brandon's, and mine.


Jill said...

How'd you take the jack-o-lantern pictures? Did you use a tripod and no flash? They all turned out really nicely!

Karen & Co. said...

I have a digital SLR, which allows for more creative freedom. I didn't bring a tripod with me, so I balanced the camera on a box of Dominoes, a deck of playing cards and a small notepad till I got it to aim where I wanted without me holding it. Silly, huh?

kristymccray said...

ooh, such creative pumpkins! i do the traditional triangle eyes and crooked/missing teeth mouth. i'm not very crafty or imaginative...