Friday, October 12, 2007

Home Bodies

We're finally starting to relax into a everyday life here in Utah. We've been home for a while now and don't have any more trips planned until Thanksgiving time. Now that Brandon is done working for a bit, we have so much time to do nothing. Luckily, nothing is my favorite thing to do.

The weather has been great lately, so when we do start to feel a little bit of cabin fever, we can just go outside and are instantly cured.

Caleb loves our little excursions into the world, even if they are only to our front yard.

Yesterday, we took him outside and let him sit and play in the grass. So far, he's not too interested in the grass, but rather with all the fallen leaves that litter our yard. He thinks they are even more fun to eat than his toys are. But given the choice, I'd venture to guess that his favorite thing to eat is still his mommy's hair.

Another fun place that we like to hang out is our backyard. I know, we really are quite the travelers. Because it's Utah, we're not big on fences here. There's a semi-fence like thing between our yard and our neighbors (the ones we like, not the ones that complained about the fiber optic cable hanging too low in their yard). Our (good) neighbors have a garage like storage shed in the backyard near the edge of their property. Typically we think of our backyard as starting at the edge of the garage/shed, but technically they still have another foot or two. So we joined with them in making that extra little spot a shared wood pile for us all to use.

We really like our house. It's so nice to have a place to call home.


kristymccray said...

house pictures! still waiting. ;)