Sunday, October 28, 2007

Learning to Eat

We're trying to teach Caleb how to feed himself. Yesterday, I cut up a little bit of banana and put it on his tray after I finished feeding him his baby food. He did really good at picking it up in his hand, but then he'd clamp his fist shut and couldn't figure out how to get the food into his mouth. I think he ate maybe two bites -- the ones we put in his mouth for him.

I bought him some of those Gerber finger food snacks (can't think what they're actually called). I got him the sweet potato variety since that is one of the two vegetables that he'll actually eat. I figured we'd save them for church and other occasions when he has to sit quietly in our laps and behave.

Today was church, so Caleb got to have his new treat. At first, he did the whole fist thing again, making it impossible to get the food in his mouth. He just slobbered a lot on his hand, which made the food start to dissolve inside his little fist (not the prettiest picture).

I started holding the food between my first finger and thumb (instead of laying it on my open hand for him to pick up) and he was able to grab it at the top of his fist and then feed himself.

But then he figured out that if he just grabbed my hand, instead of grabbing the food, that it was a lot easier to get into his mouth.

From there we progressed to Caleb simply leaning forward with his mouth open till the food managed to find his mouth. Very cute, but not quite what I was hoping for when I bought it.

Oh well. At least he liked it. Maybe next week he'll do a little better.