Friday, October 19, 2007


Brandon's still working on remodeling our kitchen. It's coming along quite nicely. The other day though, as he was tearing up the laminate flooring, he discovered this nice green floor underneath. I was sorely tempted to leave it. :) It does explain the ugly green paint we found behind the fridge when we moved that though.

Tuesday night, I left Brandon home with the baby and went out to be crafty. Babies R Us was having a scrapbooking class and I got to make this for free! I felt so crafty doing it too, although the lady in charge already had the pieces cut out and everything, so there was very little work on my part. It totally made me want to make a scrapbook for Caleb. Or maybe just hire this lady to make one for me.


Ethan's Mom said...

Beware the lure of scrapbooking. It sucks you in and there is no escape. (But it does mean you get to buy lots of cute supplies!)

Nora's world said...

Just do it online. Cheaper, faster, easier and definitely less messy.