Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Chad and Leah's Wedding pictures

I actually finished the pictures from Chad and Leah's wedding a while ago. If you want to view the rest of them, you can view my public gallery on Picasa. Hopefully that works.

I know I didn't say much about the wedding last time I posted about it. Now it's been so long that I hardly remember any of the people's names or what went on. Their wedding colors were red, white, and blue. It was in Greg and Marilyn's backyard at their house in Chino Hills, California. They'd planted a bunch of red, white and blue flowers so the yard looked absolutely beautiful.

The ceremony was performed by Chad's biological uncle (I think -- it took me a while to realize their was any relation at all and now I'm not certain that I've gotten it right). Chad and Leah had written their own vows for one another. They needed a little help getting their rings on, but other than that, they did great. Even got a nice juicy first married kiss in there.

After the ceremony, there was complete chaos as the professional photographer hired tried in vain to organize group photos. (Yeah, that was me.) But I think some of the photos turned out okay. It was really hard for me since both Chad and Leah were in wheelchairs and hence couldn't get very close together. Then, this one lady, who I'd never met before, keeps asking who I consider to be Chad's family when I announced that picture. I told her that if she considered herself to be family, then jump in the picture. Now, keep in mind that Chad is Brandon's brother, so I figured I knew everyone that was Chad's family. But the strange lady, after asking several times for clarification, says she's going to go get Chad's biological dad and uncle. It wasn't until after she left that I remembered Chad was adopted and it all finally started to make sense to me. The strange lady was Chad's biological mother whom I'd never met and hence was only strange to me probably.

Needless to say, being a professional photographer is hard work when you aren't at all professional. Oh well. It was actually my third wedding. Maybe one of these days though I'll take pictures at a wedding and get paid for it. Maybe then the stress will be worth it.

By the time the reception came around, I was more than ready to quit my job. That's when Brandon took over and finished the job (I think there are a whopping six pictures in my gallery that Brandon took at the reception). Most of the reception took place inside, in the new addition to the house, since it was cold outside. The DJ was outside still, so Caleb and I made our way out there once Brandon took over the photography duties. It was fun to get to dance with my cute baby and even more fun once his daddy joined us.