Sunday, October 21, 2007

Seven Months

Caleb, I love you.

I love your smile.
I love your laugh.

I love how handsome you are.
I love your baldish little head and the cute blond hair trying to grow there.
I love your bright blue eyes.

I love the way you give me kisses (or rather, suck on my cheek when you're hungry. But to me they are kisses).
I love when you give me hugs (whether voluntary or not -- but the voluntary ones are way better).
I love the way you lunge dive when you see something you want and love it even more when it's Mommy that you want.

I love your soft hands. I love when they reach out to find me.
I love your cute edible feet. I love you can stick them in your own mouth. I especially love when you eat one foot and let Mommy eat the other one.
I love your kissable belly.
I love your ticklish armpits.

I love the way you gobble down your food, especially when it's carrots. You can eat all Mommy's carrots when you get bigger.
I love that no matter what food we feed you, you always make the "gross" face on the first bite.
I love that sometimes when you talk, you stick the back of your hand in your mouth and wave your fingers. It's so cute!
I love that you can roll anywhere you want to be, even if you end up under the coffee table.

I love when you smile when I get the camera out as if you know it makes me so happy.
I love that you are so photogenic.

I love everything about you. I'm so glad you came to our family. You bring so much joy to our lives. Happy seven months old day to you today!

(And don't worry. Daddy loves you too.

Daddy loves that you are training to be a bully by knocking all the toys over.
Daddy loves that you won't ever really be a bully because you got beat up by a girl in your first fight.

Plus all the things that Mommy loves about you, Daddy loves too.)


Patti said...

That was so precious. Tell Caleb that his Nana loves him too.