Sunday, October 28, 2007

I'm not THAT old!

I was just in the bathroom, looking at my reflection, and what did I behold? WHITE HAIR!!! And not just that my hair has turned white. But the tiny two inch long hairs that have grown in since I had the baby are bright white.

How old am I?

I came back into the bedroom and told my husband the terrible news. He says to me, "That's why we got married. To grow old together." What a sweet boy. I think that's why we got married -- to love each other no matter what.

But I'm not old yet!!


Mama said...

Brandon always says the nicest, sweetest things. I wonder if he thinks them up beforehand so that when the event happens, he's already prepared with the response!Probably not.

kristymccray said...

that really is a great thing for brandon to say. :) you got lucky! (and so did he!)

Ethan's Mom said...

It's really not fair what pregnancy does to your body. I feel like I've aged at least ten years with each of mine. But be grateful you can dye white hairs. Nothing easy can be done for John's hair loss.

sjr said...

Every one else was saying such nice things, I had to bring you back to reality: HAHAHA! You're getting OLD!!

Grandma Nell said...

Karen - you are doomed in the white hair department you know. Amy started turning white when she was 11, so count your blessings! We all have white hair - Look at Noah! You can't tell if Seth has any since he's so blonde, but the rest of us all do - even Dan has found one or two! So be happy you have not found any until now! Just invest in Loreal stock!!! ~Aunt LynnEl