Saturday, April 5, 2008


I wanted to post about the Awesome, Awesome, and Annoying things Caleb did today.

AWESOME: Communicating.

Caleb signed two new signs today: eat and thank you. It is so cute. I almost don't care if that kid learns to talk because watching him sign is simply the cutest thing in the world.

He also seems to understand a great deal more than I give him credit for normally. Today, I was shooting baskets in his hoop and the ball bounced back behind the couch. I asked him where the ball went and told him to "go find the ball for mommy." Well, he went crawling back behind the couch and found the ball, then rolled it over to me. I couldn't believe he had understood. But clearly, he knows what ball means.

AWESOME: Walking.

We've been trying really hard to carry Caleb less and make him walk more (holding onto our hands). The other day, we even put his shoes on and made him walk from the car to the building we were going to. All this practice has gotten him to start taking more steps. Usually only two or three at a time. But at least he's being more adventurous.

Today, he took seven or eight steps in a row, completely unprompted. We weren't trying to get him to walk to us at all. He was standing up, playing with his dump truck (which he loves) and decided to walk over to his daddy, seven or eight steps away. It was awesome.

ANNOYING: Wasting my day away.

Caleb has this thing about laptops. He loves them. LOVES them. If I'm on my laptop, he wants to play on the laptop too. He's the same way with books. If I'm reading a book, he wants to read my book. Or rather turn the pages (and one time ripped a page out completely -- bad news considering it was on loan from the library). And we try really hard not to watch TV when he's awake.

So what does that leave for me to do? Absolutely nothing. All I can do is sit on the floor and either play with him, or play with his toys without him (hence the shooting baskets story referenced above). Only then does he feel free to play with his toys too.

I'm going crazy. I feel like I'm just wasting my life away. Sure, it's good to spend time with my kid, but I seriously get nothing done. And it's not like I have many demands on my schedule, so there's nothing I really have to get done. What do stay at home moms normally do with their days? And don't say clean, because that's a completely pointless venture in our house until the baby goes to sleep. Plus, we really only clean the house if people are coming over. So what else is there to do?


Virginia Collinwood said...

I could probably write a whole essay on that subject.

Since TV is out of the picture...uh... Put your laptop on a desk- or somewhere he can't get it. Let him fuss for a bit while your on it and eventually he will learn he can't play with it.

Why is cleaning out of the picture when he is awake? We have always made Trevor a part of cleaning and now he does it on his own. Caleb was amazed when I was vacuuming. Hehe.

Otherwise, I would say find a moms group or some sort of venture that you can do every week on the same day. It helped me SO MUCH when I had something to look forward to every week, with new people, and a place to talk and interact. I know you guys go to church and the library, but this is different, and it's just you and Caleb without Brandon.

I guess that's all I've got. Now that T is older he is definitely a lot more entertaining! Hah.

Good luck.

PS- Over the summer you will definitely have something to do!!

Barbour said...

We go park day on Mondays after the gym so they are tired when they get home. Tuesday we pick up trash and then gym, come home and play outside on the patio, chick-fil-a for dinner. Wednesday is usually errands. Thursday maybe disneyland and friday walks to grocery store or beach. We go out a lot because the kids need to be stimulated as do I. At home two kids are better then one because they play with each other. We also have a play date once a week. My summer will all change so we will see. How exciting caleb is walking. He is getting to be such a big boy. Soon he will discover things on his own. When strapped let him into the kitchen cupboards or my boys stay busy for twenty minutes in all my makeup and hair stuff.

B'more Reads said...

The way I figure you've got two choices. One, center your activities around Caleb and he will always want to be where you are. Two, force him to learn to play by himself, and eventually he will. Which is the better option? I don't know. I chose option one with Agnes and some days all I want is a little space. However, it's a wonderful thing that she loves to me with me and it helps me to teach her new things all the time. You're kind of in an awkard in between stage where Caleb is getting more independent, but just not all the way there yet. Around that age I planned two activities for us to do each day, mostly so I didn't go crazy and I felt like I was molding her beautiful little mind. It'll be easier once winter is good and over because outside play at his age now is great. You'll be able to take walks and collect things and discover bugs and all that. You can get a cheapo little swimming pool and spend lots of time in the backyard with that.
As for reading a book while your child is awake. I don't know how to do that. I don't even know how to take a shower when my child is awake unless Nick is home. So perhaps I'm not the best for advice...

Nora's world said...

Play Dates. Now you have them w. other moms (and some good "adult conversation"). Soon you can have them w/o other moms. Then you get some time to yourself every other week or so. Get out of the house everyday. And I agree with Laura that things will be easier once the weather warms up.. here in CA, we have been playing outside for weeks now.

Patti said...

Which G.A. said today to love being in the moment you're in? The kids grow up too fast (was it Ballard?) and before you know it they're grown. Be happy where you are doing what you're doing. In a blink, Caleb will be leaving for his mission and then you'll cry.

Kristy said...

Hey, once summer rolls around you can come visit me in SLO. :)