Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Being one is so much fun. Or at least, having a one year old is beyond fun. Caleb seems to be learning so much each day. Sometimes I just can't believe how much he can say and understand now. When did my little baby stop being a baby?

Unfortunately, his learning spurt comes at a time when Daddy is increasingly more and more busy with work (we're leaving for Sacramento in two weeks). Which means, Caleb is getting a little too much mommy time and hence possibly turning into even more of a girly girl than he already is.

As part of his metro makeover, today at lunch Caleb decided to wash his hair. With peanut butter sandwich and banana. Yum. He did it again at dinner time. So, by the time bath time rolled around and Daddy was finally home again to witness it, it was beyond cute with actual shampoo.

Caleb and I went grocery shopping together today and I decided to rent a movie from redbox. For some reason the machine didn't register that I had swiped my card, but by that point, I'd already given the card to Caleb. So then he got to swipe it. Several times. Every time he swiped my debit card in the redbox machine, he would laugh and laugh and laugh.

After all the fun, I went over to the other redbox machine (there are two at our grocery store) and that one had the movie I had actually wanted, so I decided to get it too. Which meant Caleb got more laughs out of swiping the card repeatedly.

He was sorely disappointed by the time we rung up our groceries and the card went through on the first swipe. He's now a natural born spender.

In order to counteract the spending spree, we came home and put some change in his piggy bank. He loves to drop the coins in there. Too bad I rarely have cash on me and hence no new change to give to him.

(We thought the camera was broken, so I took this with my cell phone. After Brandon came home and we had the baby in bed, he was examining the camera and it looks like it might just be my lens which is broken. Good news for the camera, but sadness for the lens since it was my favorite lens.)


Virginia Collinwood said...

Sorry to hear about the camera, maybe you'll stop keeping it on the table where Caleb can get to it ::giggle::. I am excited for Sacto. Don't worry about C being metro... just wait until he starts trying on your shoes.


Patti said...

Good story. Get a purse-camera with a video option so we can see Caleb swiping and giggling.

Kristy said...

Sacramento in 2 weeks, yay! That means you're one step closer to visiting me. :)

Barbour said...

Have peanut butter must have been just as fun as getting out frosting.