Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Because I didn't like any of the actual birthday pictures, here are some of the fun Caleb and I had today.

I baked him a whole new "cake," this time using applesauce instead of bananas (simply because I had applesauce and not overly ripe bananas). I decorated it with banana baby food again, but with more colors obviously, all done in hopes of getting some cute pictures that we could put up on our wall.

And I also made sure he was starving hungry before I let him anywhere near it. Still, he didn't eat too much, but at least we got a little bit of cuteness out of him before he insisted he was all done.

Here's the cake before Caleb got to it.

And after he was done with it.

Add them together and you get a super cute one year old!


Barbour said...

I still think you should put pics up from his birthday, but that's just me. i bet they are wonderful.

AbbyDawn said...

That first picture is absolutely darling!! Maddie had a non-healthy cake for her 1st and she didn't eat much of it. What is up with kids these days not liking cake, healthy or not?!