Thursday, April 3, 2008

Birthday pictures

As requested, here are pictures from Caleb's birthday.

Caleb sporting his birthday hat. He had so much fun taking it on and off his head. Although, by the time the party strolled around (which was in our backyard), it was cold enough that Caleb just left in on the whole time. I mean, it's not like he's got a lot of hair to keep that cute little head warm.

Since we were having a turtle party, I made some sugar cookie dough and bought a turtle cookie cutter. I thought it would be fun to let Caleb help put sprinkles on the cookies, as it was his birthday after all.

Caleb thought it was rather fun too, although I don't envy the person that ended up eating his creations.

As you already know, Caleb didn't eat much of his birthday cake. We didn't have high hopes of him blowing out his candle either, given that we'd never tried before. But he sometimes whistles, so I thought maybe if we could get him to whistle, he'd blow it out. No such luck. At least he didn't try and touch it. And he didn't cry either, so that was good.

Notice, however, that he had to wear two jackets. It was kind of cold, especially once the sun dipped behind the condos behind us. A lot of people ended up borrowing jackets once they got here because they didn't know the party was going to be outside.

When we first started opening presents, all the other kids lined up on the edge of the blanket to watch. Caleb did really good opening presents, but got cranky before he finished, probably due to the super cold outside.

Here's a shot toward the end of the present opening session. The kids kept crowding closer and closer to us, and Caleb kept climbing higher and higher up me trying to get away.


Patti said...

I cannot believe I forgot my camera that day. So thanks for posting pictures. I'm stealing them off your blog now. xox uh- anonymous??

Barbour said...

yeaaaaaa. Thgank you for posting them. it is so cute how he is dumping the whole bottle of sprinkles on one cookie. Luckily he cAN KEEP A hat on when it's cold, no such luck with my boys. So many kids there too. He was probably shy and didn't want to make a mess b/c then he can't impress the girls. The pics look great but i know you hold your self to such a high standard.

Fox Family said...

That's super cute that he has turtle pajamas! I love it!! How are you Karen??? I haven't heard from you in a while (I mean besides your blog...which is mostly all about Caleb).