Friday, April 4, 2008


We've been trying to teach Caleb to sign please, mostly because his friend Faith can do it and it's so super cute. On Wednesday, I was eating applesauce bread (which is what I used for his cake) and Caleb really wanted some, so we were signing please over and over again before each bite. To the point that he finally got it. It was the cutest thing. He'd rub his little hand all over his body (both stomach and chest).

Yesterday, however, I don't know what happened but somehow his sign for please morphed into him sticking his tongue out and rubbing his tongue instead of his body. But still so cute that I couldn't help but give him a bite of what he wanted. Brandon thinks we need to teach him the correct way to sign it, but I figure that as long as Caleb is consistent and we know what he's trying to say, it doesn't really matter how he does it.

So today, we're lying in bed and Caleb just finished his bottle. He starts to crawl toward the edge of the bed, which always makes me nervous because our bed is really tall. So I say to him, "Caleb, stay away from the edge of the bed, please." And what does he do? Sticks out his tongue and rubs it -- saying please right back. So super cute.


Barbour said...

It is so fun and so adorable when they can sign it, or make it their own. You can't help but give in when they do.