Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Brandon went to California last weekend. When he came back, he had some presents for Caleb from our friends down there. One of them was this dump truck. I'm sure the intention of the gift was not for us to stick our kid in it and send him cruising down the sidewalk, but Caleb thought it was so much fun! (And yes, he does also like to put things in the back, but hasn't yet figured the dumping part of it.)

I'm sure our neighbors thought we were crazy since we came running outside with the camera, snapped a few photos and then went running back inside due to the freezingness that is our life in Provo.

When Brandon stopped pushing him, Caleb started rocking back and forth wanting to go again. We'll definitely be taking this one with us to Sacramento for the summer!

Thanks for all the gifts, Jocelyn!


Patti said...

That looks like a cute boy having a very good time! Happy happy happy.

Richey's said...

These pictures are sooo cute, you have such a handsome boy!

Barbour said...

Your welcome. Thanks for LT's present. He loves it. My boys love to take theirs to the park with all the other boys.