Thursday, April 17, 2008

Double Outing

Caleb and I ventured outside today. Normally, when we go out, we either go to the library (two and a half blocks north) or to the grocery store (a block or two northwest). Well, today we decided to be super adventurous and did both! I know, I know, we're totally crazy.

Caleb in his stroller. We only ever use this stroller when we go on walks. His other stroller is in the car, and well, the car was with Daddy. So he got to ride in the baby stroller again.

Cute Converse shoes that used to be Trevor's. I don't know if Trevor ever wore them because they're super clean. I don't know if Caleb will ever wear them again because they were a pain to get on. The whole time I'm trying, Caleb keeps grabbing one of his Vans and handing it to me, as if to say, "here Ma, try this one, it'll be easier."

I love watching him look around at everything. And occasionally he'll glance up to make sure his mommy is still around.

Some pretty flowers we saw on our way. I figured since I had a camera with me and was already taking pictures of things, might as well get a shot of these pretty flowers too. Caleb tried grabbing the bush while I was taking pictures. I was fine to let him play with them, except that while we're parked there, a car pulls up into the driveway. A tad embarrassed, we quickly continued on our path.

First stop: the library. Caleb loves the library. He thinks it is so much fun to pull books off the shelves. Pretty soon he'll be big enough that he actually wants to stop and read a few too. But for now, most the fun is pulling them down (he's the same way at home too).

On our way back home, after the grocery store, we passed by this Episcopalian church with this cute iron fence.

I took Caleb out of his stroller and put him on the other side of the fence. At first he was upset at me, but then he quickly realized that beating on a metal fence is just as much fun as beating on all the other stuff we normally beat on at home.

Such a sweet little boy. We sure had fun on our walk today!!


Patti said...

First of all, I noticed the shoes right off, before you showed the close-up of them. Cute. Very cute. Yes, they do look like a pain to get on. I'm glad you have a purse camera so you can take pictures of Caleb doing all kinds of cute stuff all day long.
As for the behind-the-fence pictures, it immediately reminded me of his baby picture behind the temple fence, and how he had the saddest face in the world in that shot.
Hurray for two posts in one day! I like it that you can break all my pre-supposed rules!
xox Mama

Barbour said...

I love the shoes

Virginia Collinwood said...

First off, I am glad the shoes actually fit him- Trevor's feet were too fat. Second, I never knew an iron fence could be "cute". Heh.

Those are great pictures. I can't wait to talk walks in new areas :0)

Fox Family said...

BE sure to bring your stroller out here. We love walks. It helps me lose the baby weight. We will have fun!!