Sunday, April 20, 2008


Tonight, as Brandon was saying our family prayer, Caleb leaned up three time to give him kisses.

Then, as I sang to him, rocking him in the chair, he lifted his head up off my chest to give me a kiss.

I love those baby kisses.

And have I mentioned yet that we taught him to sign "love"? It is by far the cutest thing in the world. Of course, he does it in his own special modified way, but it melts my heart every time.

I'm not sure if he was still awake or not, but he kept grinding his teeth tonight. Number three has broken through on the top. My mom first noticed it last Tuesday, but I wasn't able to feel it for several days after that. It's definitely coming in though.


Virginia Collinwood said...

AAAWE! That is awesome. I never thought of teaching Trevor "love". Hah. I tried the hand sign for "I love you" but he just plays with his fingers. You are leaving tomorrow! SO COOL!