Saturday, April 26, 2008

Getting Settled

We've been busy this week trying to get settled into our new apartment. Besides the fact that milk is ridiculously expensive here, all is going well.

Caleb and I have made our first trip to the pool (although it was too cold to even attempt a brief swim, so we hung out in the spa for a little bit instead). We've also had our first visitors (Shannon brought her two adorable boys over for us to meet and play with -- it was so much fun). Sadly, neither of these first were captured on camera, so you'll have to wait for our second attempts to see all the fun we're having. Hopefully our seconds will be super soon!

Anyway, here's a little video of Caleb at the store. Isn't he just such a good helper?


Fox Family said...

How appropriate that the stroller is orange!!! We had a fabulous time playing with you and will surely repeat it numerous times (I hope).

Barbour said...

Did you have fun at Target with Doug? He thinks I'm bad there.