Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Don't Forget Yertle!

About two months ago, I bought Caleb this stuffed animal at Kohls. It's Yertle the Turtle from the Dr. Seuss story. Since Caleb's our little turtle, I thought he needed it. I also bought him the book and gave it to him for his birthday, but the turtle I let him have right away.

We'd been wanting something to attach Caleb to, like a security blanket. Or in this case, a security Yertle. "They" say it's good for kids. Caleb didn't have anything he really loved like that, so after we got Yertle, we worked really hard at attaching the two of them.

It was a pretty easy task actually. Caleb LOVES Yertle. It still surprises me how much he loves him. In the mornings, when I go to get Caleb out of his crib, he'll start to climb up, then stop, grab Yertle and hand him to me first. Then, after I have Yertle, Caleb will stand up and hold his arms out...not to me, but to Yertle. As soon as I pick him up, he hugs Yertle so tight, leaving me to wonder what happened to the days that my baby used to hug me in the morning.

I think one of the reasons Caleb loves Yertle so much is that he's easy to grab onto (or strangle to death, if needs be).

He also makes a great bat, when you need one in each hand but only have one actual bat.

And he's great to wrestle with, since Caleb always wins.

Plus, Yertle is super tasty and so much fun to eat! (Note: Below, you will not find any pictures of Caleb eating Yertle's bald little head. That's because, Caleb's already eaten most of Yertle's hair. Caleb's friend, Naomi, also got a Yertle, and I'm always surprised to see how nice her Yertle's hair is.)

This is one toy that we better not forget to pack!


Patti said...

Maybe you could accidently leave Yertle at Nana's house tonight...then you'd have to come back to get it and I could see you again!

Jill said...

Ryan has Ziggy. We got him as a baby shower gift and I always thought he was so cute. I wanted to get him attached to something too and was happy when it turned out to be Ziggy (he's a green and blue little zebra). Ryan likes to hold him around the neck, too. He also loves his tail! I've often wondered what we'd do if we ever lost Ziggy. I've tried to find another one, but haven't had any luck!

Virginia Collinwood said...

So cute. Congrats on the attachment. Trevor has "Sibby". He is a brown and white puppy dog. Nate and I used to call him Frederick, but Tman has officially renamed him Sibby. He does the same things as Caleb with Yertle. It's so darn cute. Trevor will give Sibby pretzels, juice, and lay him on a pillow and cover him up. He will even set him on a chair facing the tv, before walking away to play with something else...making sure he is OK before leaving him. I love it. So cute. See you in 2 days!!!!!!!!!!

B'more Reads said...

So what does it mean if a kid has no attachment other than her mother's hair?

Barbour said...

So cute, how did you do it? I would love my kids to attach to something other than me sometimes.