Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wishing for Warmer Weather

The last two days have been absolutely freezing here. We finally had a couple nice days, and then out of nowhere, freezing cold. (Although, according to my mother, if I watched the news, I would have known it was coming. But then I wouldn't have had the fun experience of running around the Salt Lake valley yesterday wearing capris and flip flops while it was snowing on us.)

In hopes of enticing the warmer weather to return to us, here are some pictures from back in the good ol' days (which was almost two weeks ago now) when the sun didn't hate us as much.

Caleb got these bubbles for his birthday and absolutely loves them. And occasionally, on a nice windy day, he can make the bubbles appear all by himself.


Patti said...

Bubble blowing looks like a fun thing to do. Since you don't watch the weather report, I can tell you that for your last weekend in Utah for several months, you will have perfect weather. Or, at least Friday and Saturday will be great. Sunday is another storm.

Virginia Collinwood said...

MMmm... it's been a freezing 70+ degrees here for the passed few weeks. I don't know how much longer I can stand it. ::giggle::

Sacramento averages 80-96 during the summer, with little rain.

Are you excited?

Fox Family said...

So come to Cali where the weather is great.