Friday, April 11, 2008

One Year Old

We took Caleb to Kiddie Kandids today. I really love that place simply because they have a clicker button on their camera and can usually get some really good photos because of it.

Well, Caleb was kind of a stinker today. He decided he was going to be really shy and that he wasn't in the mood to have his picture taken. Still, the girl managed to get some pretty good ones.

My mom commandeered blogging rights to two of the photos, so hopefully she tells the story of how she cried during the buying part of the photo shoot. But here are his cute one year old photos:


Patti said...

I had so much fun with you and Caleb today! And now I have forever memories of it since we have these fabulous pictures.

Kristy said...

Karen, you know my general aversion to children and babies, but Caleb is one cute kid. And he keeps getting cuter. Good for you. :)