Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Brandon's first "official" day of work was yesterday. Which meant that Caleb was a terror. I don't know if he's still adjusting to the move, or if he's simply a toddler now. Yesterday we took turns yelling at each other and making each other cry. Not to mention all the million other things that went wrong simply because we were already having a horrible, rotten, no good day.

Today was better. Caleb got in two naps, which makes both of us a lot more pleasant to be around. Plus, we got to go visit Shannon in between those naps. And even though it was more a visit for me (since her oldest son was sleeping and Caleb had no one to play with), simply being out of our house and around other people seems to really lift Caleb's spirits.

Even still, with all those things working to our advantage, Caleb was either laughing or crying all day. There wasn't much content time. It's weird to me, because he hardly ever cried as a baby -- only when he absolutely had a reason to. And now he cries at the littlest things, although it's usually because we took something away from him that he thought should be his, but we disagreed. He did spend more time laughing than crying today, fortunately. He just thinks everything is funny now (except when I take things from him). Whether it's him running away from me, or me telling him no, our life is just a barrel of laughs. Hysterical laughing. Sometimes, he'll just look over at me and I'll start laughing, which makes him start laughing.

Caleb created his first art masterpiece today. I'm actually quite proud of him. I've tried a couple times to teach him to draw (or rather, scribble nonsense on a paper), but he's shown no interest. Mostly he just likes to take his markers out of the box and put them back in again. He's also a huge fan of pulling the lids off and on (although he needs help to get it off the first time). But today, out of nowhere, he suddenly grasped the concept of putting the marker on the paper and watching the colors appear. I didn't have to help him at all. And look what he ended up with!


Fox Family said...

Nice artwork!!! Come again, Karen! It is so fun visiting with you!!

Barbour said...

Totally better than van Gogh. Toddlerhood is so much fun, at l;east yours still naps. I have one that never naps an another that thinks he doesn't need a nap till like 4.

Kristy said...

"Yesterday we took turns yelling at each other and making each other cry."
This left me with the mental image of you and Caleb shouting at each other, having a "real" discussion...then I realized that Caleb doesn't form sentences yet, so it was most likely just high-pitched screaming.