Saturday, December 1, 2007

About Brandon

Jocelyn tagged me with this one. I think it's a cute little tag. Why? Because it's all about BRANDON!!

How long have you been married? 2 years and almost 9 months.

How long did you date? From the time we first met in May and started dating, we didn't get married till March. How long is that? Less than a year.

How old is he? 25. Two years younger than I am.

Who eats more? I guess Brandon does, though I can definitely hold my own. When we were first married I had to teach him how to stop eating when you were full. He's much better at showing restraint now, even if there's still food on the table.

Who said I love you first? Neither of us remember, but it was probably Brandon. What I do remember, is having this dream where I told him that I loved him and he responded by saying "I know" as in "I know that's what's happening with us and I feel the same." The next day I told him about the dream. When he left me that night, he looked deep into my eyes and whispered, "I know." Usually I count that as the first time he told me he loved me.

Who is taller? Brandon is. By a good nine inches or so.

Who sings better? Definitely Brandon. I love to hear him sing. Sometimes, when I'm all worked up and can't fall asleep because my brain just won't turn off, he'll sing to me. It always calms me down.

Who is smarter? I think I'm probably smarter in the traditional sense of the word, but there are a million things that I don't know that Brandon does know. Especially when it comes to things like computers and cars. Or stereos. Or fixing houses. Sometimes when he talks, I try to make appropriate responses, but I have no idea what he's talking about.

Whose temper is worse? Probably Brandon's. Although he claims the reason he has more road rage is because I never drive anymore.

Who does the laundry? Usually I do. I like doing laundry. I like the fulfillment that comes from seeing a large pile and watching it dwindle in size. Much better than cleaning a bathroom. Although, now that our washer and dryer are in the basement, I usually make him carry the clothes up and down the stairs for me. (I have this fear of falling down the stairs. Carrying things just makes it worse.)

Who does the dishes? Typically Brandon. We have a rule that if one person cooks, the other person cleans (though we often help each other out with both), and since I cook more, he washes more dishes.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? It depends on where the bed is in relation to the door and the windows. I sleep on the less scary side, typically. That way, if someone broke into our house, they'd get Brandon first. Our house here is the only one that I've ever slept closer to the door, since it's more convenient for getting up in the morning to get the baby.

Who pays the bills? Hmmm...I suppose someone should pay those. I use to be the bill payer. Then I got pregnant and pretty much stopped doing everything. Some things I've take responsibility for again now that the baby is here, but bill paying isn't one of those. So sometimes Brandon pays them and sometimes I pay them and sometimes we forget to pay them until we get angry letters in the mail. (Okay, we don't get that many angry letters.)

Who mows the lawn? We pay a guy to do that, since we don't live here during the summer. Brandon does take responsibility for the outside, but I try to pitch in. Especially with the never ending amount of leaves we've had to rake up this fall.

Who cooks dinner? This one is usually me. Although we've started a new thing where Thursday is Brandon's night to cook dinner. And not just heat up something frozen or reheat leftovers, but to actually cook. We only had one Thursday though, and then it was my mom's birthday, Thanksgiving, and we were still out of town this past Thursday (though he did make me spaghetti down in St. George that night). If you couldn't guess, Thursday is my favorite night of the week, especially since my favorite TV show is on that night too.

Who drives when you are together? Brandon always does. When we were first married I tried really hard to not always tell him where to go. Now, he just expects it and doesn't bother listening to directions. I don't know how he gets anywhere when I'm not in the car with him.

Who is more stubborn? I think Brandon is. He thinks I am. I'm sure we're both stubborn enough that we'll never come to an agreement on this one.

Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? Typically Brandon. But only because he's usually wrong. (I don't know why Brandon thinks I'm the stubborn one.)

Whose parents do you see the most? My mom.

Who proposed? Brandon did. Then I did. Then he did, but before I said yes I snuck in my own second proposal which he said yes to before I said yes to his. Then Brandon again.

Who has more friends? Brandon thinks I'm better at making friends than he is, but most of our friends are our friends.

Who has more siblings? Brandon. Bar none.

Who wears the pants in the family? Brandon says that I do. Though we like to think of it as that old saying...He wears the pants, I just tell him which pair.

I tag Shannon, Jaymie and Laura -- in order to encourage you to actually write on your blog. :)


B'more Reads said...

Highly doubt it will ever happen.

Fox Family said...

Karen! You are a butthead!! Okay, okay... so I'll update my blog. I have this thing about needing to put pictures up too... So, that's why I am so slow. What is your favorite show that is on Thursday nights???