Sunday, December 30, 2007

Other babies

We have Sunday School in the Relief Society room. It's a really big room (I know not all RS rooms are). We could probably fit the top half of our house into the room. Anyway, they have like five rows of chairs (divided into two sides) and then chairs around the edges of the room, against the wall. Our favorite spot to sit is in the back corner because there's a little bit of a gap before the rows start, and hence more room for the babies to sit on the floor and play.

Caleb is so funny to watch around other babies. He doesn't really play with them. And he doesn't really play around them either. Mostly, he'll just sit there and stare, wondering why the other baby keeps taking his toys. Occasionally, he'll get up the gusto to take a toy back. But as long as nobody takes his blue block from him, he's just fine to watch the others play.

Today, at church, was no different. Faith (who's a month older than Caleb), was sitting next to him, playing. Then there was this other baby, definitely older than a year, but obviously not yet 18 months, who Caleb found so extremely fascinating to watch. Maybe Caleb would have played with Faith if it wasn't for this other little girl being there. It felt like he was definitely "intimidated" by her presence -- which means that I'm going to definitely need to teach my baby how to flirt once he becomes a teenager, if he hasn't already figured it out by then, so that he isn't afraid of girls.

Faith did the funniest thing in the world today at church. (I know, this is a blog almost solely about Caleb, but other babies are cute too...) She was on the floor, towards the end of Sunday School. I think one of the toys had kind of rolled under the chair of the row nearest to us. She started to crawl for the toy, but then lost interest and crawled under the chair and out the other side. As in, she went underneath the lady's dress that was sitting in that chair, and magically appeared at the lady's feet. It was kind of an older lady, otherwise it might not have been as funny. I can only imagine what she must have thought. We were laughing so hard. It was a good thing the meeting was about over.

In my brother's ward (or at least I know they used to do this, I don't know if they still do), they have a separate Sunday school class for people with babies too little to go to nursery. I think that's really the smartest idea in the world. Having only the three babies in the back of the class today, we were so loud, I'm sure it was distracting for a lot more people than just the babies' parents. Oh well. At least we're sitting in the back.

Next week -- excitement of all excitement -- church starts at eleven! I can hardly wait. We were not cut out for 9 am church.