Saturday, December 8, 2007

Lost Angel

It's official. Caleb has gone on strike. Tired of being treated like a baby, he's refusing to uphold his job as our little angel until we meet a few of his demands. We're just not sure what his demands are.

Today was just another yesterday. Caleb refuses to eat. He will not let us place a single thing in his mouth. The silliest part about it is that he'll clamp his mouth shut if we try to stick anything in it, but if we offer him the same piece of food, he'll gladly take it in his hand and place it in his mouth himself. At least for a little while. Then he'll quit eating altogether.

It's definitely a good thing we started him on a bottle before his food strike since that's now the only thing he'll really eat (besides breastfeeding). Although, he still likes cheese a great deal. For lunch today, all we could get him to eat was cheese and a few bites of bread.

Maybe he really is teething this time.

Last night, my mom asked me if I'd love my baby less if he was ugly. Brandon and I thought about it and decided the honest answer is probably yes. Sometimes we get so frustrated with Caleb and then he'll smile up at us or do something else cute and it just melts our hearts and we love him again. He's an expert at getting out of trouble. (We figure we're doomed when he becomes a teenager. He'll get away with murder if he wants. I guess we better start teaching him now that murder is a bad thing.)

Today Caleb kept making this "angry" face. Although, I later changed my mind and said it was a stubborn face. He kept wrinkling his nose and making this weird expression. Somehow, still cute.


Jackie said...

Karen!!! I am so glad I found you...I've been wondering about you! I have a blog

It looks like everything is going great for you!! What an adorable guy!! I hope you have a great Christmas!!


Ethan's Mom said...

We still have days when Ethan will only eat one thing for the whole day (or two or three days.) Usually it's mac&cheese, but recently it's been muffins. And on rare occasions, he goes on the white diet (plain pasta, bread, milk). Who knows why. Kids are crazy when it comes to eating.

Patti, Mama, Nana said...

I didn't say "ugly" I said "less cute." Ugly is such an extreme word! I get to pick up our Christmas cards today. I went with one that you took at the mall, but it's only in a very small corner of the card. The big part of the card is Caleb with Santa (you know the picture that I love so much). I figured it was fair game since you didn't use it for your card!