Monday, December 3, 2007


We took Caleb to the doctor today because he still hasn't gotten over his cold and it's been almost two weeks. Mostly we were worried that he had something worse than a cold since this morning, when I went to get him after his nap, he was pulling on his ear. But the doctor checked him out and said his ears are fine, his throat is fine, his lungs are fine. He has a couple of lymph nodes, so he's probably fighting off some sort of little infection, but nothing to worry about.

The depressing part of the visit, however, is that Caleb weighed in at 16 pounds 13 ounces. Sadly, this now puts him in the 7th percentile for weight. When he went in around five and a half months, he was in the 25th percentile. I'm pretty sure he'd been measuring in the 25th percentile for a while before that too.

The doctor didn't seem too worried. He thinks that Caleb's probably just not too interested in food because of this little infection that he's fighting. But, Caleb eats as much as he always eats. He hasn't shown any decline in eating. Maybe we're supposed to be feeding him more, and instead of wanting more, he's just stayed the same.

We'll see how he measures later this month when we go back for his 9 month check up. Part of me worries that he's not getting enough to eat. Part of me wonders if he just really loves being an only child and figures that if he stays little than Mommy won't need another baby anytime soon. If that's the case, it's really smart thinking on his part because it's totally working.


Barbour said...

I think Caleb waeighs what Teak weighs. My doctor told me he had to gain weight. The kid eats more than LT and is always eating. He just is smaller than LT was. He isn't even in size three shoes yet.

sjr said...

Maybe if you gave "Little Needs A Helmet So He Doesn't Get Beat Up By A Girl" (I think that's his Indian name) something to eat that wasn't orange, he'd be more interested in eating... Have you tried givng him pie? I like pie.

Patti/Mama/Nana said...

Caleb isn't an indian so he doesn't need an indian name. Maybe feed him pancakes. Nana likes pancakes. Don't worry too much, Kake, I think Caleb will hit a growth spurt anytime now. Maybe he's just waiting for me to move to my new house so he can get excited about the stuff in the backyard for him to play with and then he'll think "oh, I need to get big so I can climb on Nana's jungle gym"!

Ethan's Mom said...

If the dr isn't worried yet, don't you worry. All kids grow in fits and spurts. And at his age, if he added inches, but not weight, he's still growing. Believe me, we've done the special diet and seen the specialists. Ethan's weight was the same for nearly a year and a half (half his life!), but we just had to wait him out. As long as he's gaining height and is developmentally not getting behind, no worries.