Sunday, December 16, 2007

Momentary Angel

Sunday was such a fun day with Caleb. He was being all kinds of cute. Saturday had been a fairly cranky day (although you'd have to see Caleb on a cranky day to realize how non-cranky it is compared to actual cranky babies), so it was a lot of fun to have him so happy and cute.

In the picture above, Caleb put one of his bath letters (the letter T in case you couldn't tell) in his mouth and just crawled around the room like that for a while. It was so funny. Caleb loves to make us laugh, and just smiles even bigger when we do.

My favorite part of the whole day though, was that Caleb's saying "ma ma" as if he's starting to understand better what it means. Brandon made grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. Caleb was crawling on the kitchen floor while I was reading a book in the other room. When Brandon placed mine on the table, he said something along the lines of "Mama, lunch is ready." Caleb then chimed in with his own mama. (He doesn't usually repeat us. Usually we just repeat him.) I was so thrilled that I ran into the kitchen and scooped the baby up and gave him lots of kisses. Which he loved, of course.

Then, when I made dinner, Caleb was sitting in his exersaucer. He was babbling mama, and ever time he did, Brandon or I would exclaim, "Mama! Did you say mama?!" and get all excited, which made Caleb so excited and smiley. So, naturally, he kept saying it over and over again, then waiting for our reaction.

Still nothing on the "dada" front. Not a single D sound actually.

When Caleb first started making his "angry" face, I found it cute, but it still drove me crazy. Why was my little boy suddenly so angry all the time? I could tell when he was making it without even looking at him, because his breathing would change. Now, he doesn't wrinkle his nose as much, but still pouts those cute little lips. Which I think is so utterly adorable. It just makes me want to kiss him all the time. And usually, if I'm close enough when it happens, I do.

Speaking of kissing though. At church, Caleb was being his normal adorable self. During sacrament meeting, he went on a full blown attack giving his mommy kisses. It was so funny. He just kept lunge diving at me, mouth wide open, wanting to suck on my face. The people sitting behind us were dying laughing. But since we were sitting in the second overflow area, we can't really be held responsible for distracting them from the meeting. (If they wanted to pay attention, they would have shown up on time and got an actual seat, right?)

Caleb is such a good crawler now. Brandon was lying on the floor with Caleb, while I was on the couch. Caleb kept doing laps around the coffee table so that he could alternately play with each of us. Sometimes Brandon got in his way (unintentionally). Since the shortest route is a straight line, Caleb proceeded to crawl over Daddy whenever necessary. At one point, only his belly was touching Brandon, the rest was all in the air, but I didn't get the camera out fast enough. So instead, you just get one little leg up in the air (it kind of blends in with Brandon though.)

Caleb has also realized how much fun Christmas might be. He played with the presents more today than he ever has, thumping on them, and even tasting a few with ribbons. He used a couple to pull himself up a little higher and was delighted to find that the tree contained a much greater treasury of fun. Not only are there tasty pine needles and movable branches to grab and pull, but there are also bright shiny lights hidden inside. And if you're really tall, you might even be able to grab something even more fun!

Needless to say, both the lights and the ornament were moved a little higher.


Fox Family said...

I just love baby kisses!!!!! How fun for you that Caleb is saying "Mama". It's so fun when they realize who you actually are and what to call you!