Saturday, December 15, 2007

Battle Wounds

A war has begun. Current battle standings: Caleb - 0 Snow Jacket - 2

We bought Caleb a snow jacket and pants that he could actually wear in the snow (I don't know why -- it's not like we're going to be sticking him in the snow much, or at all). Sometimes, it seems like a much easier idea to grab the jacket for him as we head out the door instead of bundling him up in his snow suit (featured previously on this blog).

Except that there's a problem with taking the easier route. The jacket likes to eat Caleb.

The first time he wore it, we buckled him into his carseat and he cried the entire time. We didn't think anything of it, till we got him out of the car and saw that the jacket had scratched his face. It wasn't too bad and the scratch was gone the next day.

The second time he wore the jacket, I was really careful when I buckled him into his chair, making sure that it wouldn't scratch him again. But then two nights ago, we put his jacket on and drove the two and a half blocks to the library. We thought we were being careful, but once inside the library, Brandon noticed a huge scratch on Caleb's face (same side as before). This time it was REALLY bad. So bad, that two days later, it still hasn't gone all the way away.

On the way home from the library, we didn't dare put the jacket back on, so Caleb got to wear my scarf instead and be tucked inside Daddy's jacket.

Poor baby. Looks like it's the snow suit from now on.