Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Happy days

Caleb was so cute today. He was just the happiest, sweetest little baby. Maybe it's because he took a three hour nap this morning.

We're starting to settle into a fairly consistent routine. Brandon gets up with Caleb in the morning and stays up with him till his morning nap. Then they both go back to sleep. Then, when Caleb wakes up, I go get him and we let Daddy sleep a little longer.

Today, as usual, after his morning nap, I brought Caleb into the living room to play. He crawled around the room, so very happy, just playing by himself. He found a book to read (we keep all his books on the bottle shelf so he can reach them). It was so cute. I'd look over the couch at him and he'd look up at me and smile super big. Then, when I wasn't looking anymore, he'd go back to playing with his book.

He wandered around the room, occasionally making eye contact with me and smiling. He ventured over to the Christmas tree to play with the presents. He's been playing with them more and more these days. Today, he almost got one open. At first, I thought it was super cute and went to take his picture. (You know me, I'm addicted to taking pictures of my baby.) Then, I realized that he was opening an actual present (one of the few) and took it away with him to rewrap it before he got too far. He followed me over to the other side of the tree, where I was getting tape, and picked out another present to play with. The funniest part was that this one was another actual present. I guess the kid already knows what the good stuff is.


Patti said...

Way to go Caleb! He's got a nose for finding the real stuff! Guess you'll have to start hiding his presents at my house when he gets a little older.