Saturday, December 1, 2007


I've been dying to post these pictures, but there's a lot of them and we didn't have that great of internet while we were out of town.

This happened the Sunday before Thanksgiving, after opening presents.

Caleb wasn't very mobile still. He wanted his new toy and was trying really hard to reach it.

Sara, being extremely mobile, didn't have a problem getting to it at all.

Then, she rubbed it in his face a little that she was eating his toy.

Caleb didn't like that at all.

He worked really hard to get over to her and his beloved new toy.

With his trusty block in hand, he took his first swing, but he was still too far away to reach her.

So instead, he watched in vain, as Sara played with his toy, and tried to come up with a new plan.

That's when Nana intervened, giving Sara a cracker. Caleb waited for his, but since he was only barely starting to eat real food at that point, he didn't get one.

Perhaps Sara gloated too much that she had a cracker and Caleb didn't.

Because Caleb decided to try a second attack.

Sara didn't notice.

But she did drop part of her cracker.

Caleb grabbed it as fast as he could before anyone could take it away from him. Especially Sara.

Yummy cracker.

I don't think Sara minded at all. It just meant that she got to go back to eating Caleb's toys. :)


Nora's world said...

Where was I during all this? I don't even know what that blue toy is!!!

karen & co. said...

It's one of the presents Caleb opened that night -- bath toys.

Maybe you were cooking rolls for dinner?

Don't worry. He didn't actually get her.

Patti/Mama/Nana said...

No Holly, you were sitting on the couch with Danny. I don't know what else was going on for you not to have noticed the major drama, but the pictures make a better story than the actual story.

B'more Reads said...

I know this is Caleb's domain, but since you post more pictures of Sara than Samuel and Holly do, I just want to say that she is getting to be a beautiful little girl! And by next year there won't be an ounce of difference between Caleb and Sara. They'll both be able to beat up on my new one.

sjr said...

That's because it's Nora's blog... But yes, Sara is adorable.