Saturday, December 1, 2007

Thanksgiving Christmas

I've been waiting till it was officially December to post the over abundance of Christmas pictures I already have of Caleb, in order to somewhat mask my obsession with the holiday (and with taking pictures of my baby). Not only is it finally December, but we woke up (finally back in Provo) to a winter wonderland. That's right, everything is covered in snow. And since we broke out the Christmas decorations last night before going to bed, it's totally Christmas time here.

While we were in St. George, Caleb got to have his first taste of Christmas. Technically, he got his first Christmas before his first Thanksgiving, since we had Thanksgiving with my family the Sunday before Thanksgiving. The plan was to open presents after dinner (giving the holidays some semblance of traditional order), but the turkey wasn't done and Caleb's bedtime was rapidly approaching. So he got to have Christmas first. (And then didn't get his Thanksgiving till actual Thanksgiving day.)

The best part of this Christmas, to me, was that Nora is now old enough that she got to be Santa. For years and years, that's been my job. It was so nice to just sit there and hold my cute baby and not have to do any of the "work." I didn't even have to take the pictures (although I don't consider that work); Brandon and my mom covered that for me.

Caleb did as well as can be expected for an eight month old at opening his presents. Although, after one was opened, he didn't understand why he had to open another one instead of getting to play with the one he just opened.

And, as should be expected, eating the paper was more fun than ripping it off the package.

Although, I think he liked the ribbon even more than he liked the paper.

We've decided, for his actual Christmas, that we'll just wrap up empty boxes and put lots of ribbon on them, since that's what he seemed to like best. (And maybe I'll sneak in one or two presents at least. After all, it's Christmas.)