Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sacrament Thoughts

What age do you start giving your kids the sacrament? And I'm not looking for the "technically there's no point to taking the sacrament until you've been baptized" answer.

Caleb really enjoyed sacrament meeting today. But I think he's confused about which religion we belong to, since he kept trying to shout out his own little hallelujahs along with what the speakers were saying.

Our bishop told a really cute story, that I thought I'd post. Hopefully, I can get it right and you can feel a little of what I felt when I heard it.

It was Christmas time and the train station was extremely busy as people tried to finish their last minute shopping and hurry off to visit family and friends. A small crippled boy sat on a stool, out of the way of the hustle an bustle of the holiday rush, selling newspapers and candies.

A man rushed past him, in a hurry to catch a connecting train, accidentally knocking over the boy and his display. Frustrated by the inconvenience, he shouted obscenities at the boy as he continued on his way.

Newspapers and candies were strewn all across the floor, many damaged by the trampling feet of passersby. The boy struggled to get back up and on to his stool once again.

A second man stopped to help him up. He picked up the newspapers and candy, and set them back up for display. Before he left, he handed the boy a ten dollar bill to help pay for the damaged goods.

As he hurried on his way, the boy called out to him. "Are you Jesus Christ?"

The man turned to answer. "No. But I'm trying hard every day to be like him."


Ethan's Mom said...

It's never "too early". As soon as he notices that you take the sacrament and wants to too, go for it!

kristymccray said...

I like that story. :)

B'more Reads said...

I feel like you start when they start knowing that the bread and water are coming and they ask for it. So that means if Agnes notices we give it to her and if she doesn't it's not a big deal.