Monday, December 10, 2007

Our Tree

Caleb's been really good with the tree. He hasn't attacked it at all. I thought he'd at least try and eat it. Maybe pull on it unintentionally. I was really worried about him knocking the whole thing over, actually. But we haven't had any problems. I wrapped some of the presents (which don't actually have presents in them) with ribbon, and occasionally he'll crawl over to taste the ribbon. That's about it though.

I've had so much trouble trying to pick which pictures to post. I can't decide. So, I know they are all really similar, but you get them all. (Well, not all. I take a LOT of pictures.)


Patti, Mama, Nana said...

Finally, we get to see the tree! Very pretty.

kristymccray said...

remember when we lived in DC and bought the christmas tree from home depot and put it in the trunk of my car with the back seat down because that's the only way it would fit?

yeah, me too.