Tuesday, December 25, 2007

My Favorite Present

The very best Christmas present I got, was that my husband remodeled my kitchen for me. It's so beautiful and I absolutely love it. He redid the whole thing: floor, cabinets, counters, sink and faucet, back splash. New (to us) oven and stove top. New fridge. And best of all -- new dishwasher!! (There was no dishwasher there before. That's what inspired the remodeling job. That, and my husband really loves me.)

Those who regularly read this blog, know that these pictures have been a long time coming. Brandon started the project back in October. We were having a Halloween party, and I really wanted it done in time for that. The saddest part about me posting these pictures today, is that Brandon did all the work in about a week and a half. His brother, Nathan, helped with the tile work. And of course, I had to pick it all out. While I know that Brandon did all the actual work, I still think I had the hard job. :)

So, two months later, here's the pictures of my beautiful kitchen. (Although, in my defense, he's technically not done yet. He still has to paint a few things. So I guess it's taken longer than a week and a half after all.)

The right side of our kitchen. The sink used to be this huge ugly thing and the faucet came out of the wall just above it. And did you notice the dishwasher? We LOVE it.

The left side of our kitchen. There used to be 18 inches of wasted space. But with the new stovetop and the counter stretching all the way across, it makes the kitchen look so much bigger.

The backsplash is probably my favorite part of the kitchen. I love those cute little brown diamonds. They're the only thing I really insisted on having in the new kitchen.

The floor. It was Brandon's first time laying tile. I think he did a most excellent job.

Thank you, honey, for my present! I love it sooo very much!

Oh, and if you want to see Brandon's favorite present, you'll just have to come over. But to give you a hint, we'll just say that Brandon won our previous dilemma.


Fox Family said...

What a beautiful kitchen, Karen and Brandon!! Nice work Brandon and great choices Karen!! How wonderful!

Emily said...

Hey there! I wanted to see your kitchen after you talked about it a little at Joel and Lisa's. It's very nice! How fun!

It was fun to meet you yesterday. We should definitely get together with the Browns for a game night sometime.