Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Wild Goose Chase

We've been tearing our house apart today (and somewhat yesterday) searching for my passport. We're going on a cruise in February to Belize. Which means we all need passports. We even went to the health office yesterday and finally got Caleb's birth certificate so he can have a passport too.

Well, we can't find mine anywhere. Or my birth certificate. Brandon finally found my social security card. Not that we need it for this, but it's good to know where it is. The other stuff, however, we definitely need.

But we did find something even better. No, not better. But something that's been lost a whole lot longer.

We have one of those kitchen cart things where I keep all my cookbooks. For about a year and a half now, there's been this box of oil on the bottom shelf. Occasionally, when I see it, I sometimes comment to Brandon that it is an extremely silly place to keep oil, but we've never moved it.

So today, in desperation to find the passport, Brandon even pulled out the box of oil. Only, there's no oil in the box. What's inside is ten wine glasses that we thought we had lost when we moved to Utah. A year and a half, we've thought they were gone. A year and a half, we never bothered to look in this box, assuming it had oil inside simply because the box said that's what went inside. A year and a half.

Needless to say, we're quite pleased at our find today. Now, if only we could also find my passport...


Patti said...

I'm sorry you have to chase wild geese. At least maybe you can chase the ones flying in a V, because then it's somewhat organized. Good that you found your glasses. I remember your remorse when you thought they were lost. Good luck, and how come I have to find out you're going on a cruise by reading your blog!!????

kristymccray said...

a cruise! how fun. have you ever been on one? i'm excited for you to go, so you better find your passport! :)